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Kursaawa broke into the restricted area of

Le 23 October 2017, 08:49 dans Humeurs 0

Kursaawa broke into the restricted area of ??the left wing shot higher than the beam. The first 13 minutes, rabbis front steals, Cavani broke into the restricted area of ??the left side of the low shot was Mandu Da Puzhu. The first 16 minutes, Payette right cross, Gustavo 25 meters away from the sudden cold arrows, the ball directly into the bottom left corner of the goal Marcus Cromartie Jersey, Marseille 1 to 0 lead Paris Saint Germain. The first 33 minutes, Rabbi closed the left side of the restricted area David Bass Jersey, Nei Maer keep up with low shot, the ball hit the inside of the right door into the net, Paris Saint Germain will score at 1 to 1 level. After the victory, Ozil, Lacazez has been replaced to leave, the former Leicester City striker Claridge out, "exactly as we expected the same, this is Arsenal Justin Britt Jersey. In the face of stronger They will be punished, but when they are in good shape, their style is too beautiful. "Wenger pointed out that Ozil has returned to the peak state," a state of excellent Ozil will change the game, if You are not in the best condition, no matter how good you are, will suffer. The first half of the last time, Emery - Zhan collapsed Ali foul, Eriksson free kick into the restricted area, Martip header header not far, Ali grab the second drop right foot volley volley, Leather ball fleeing into the lower left corner of the door, 3-1! 56 minutes, the right hand on the right side of the right hand in the pass, Miniori out of the fight to fight the ball, Velongong restricted area within the left foot volley, Philinho door line to block the ball, Kane near Distance fill broken network, 4-1! 67 minutes, Salah pass, Kutiniao restricted area before the left foot shot beautiful arc ball, Loris flying with his left hand block the ball hit the beam pop up! The final Tottenham at home 4-1 victory over Liverpool Germain Ifedi Jersey, Bocetino's team league 4-game winning streak after 20 points tied for No. 2 Manchester United.

Nei Maer right corner pass

Le 23 October 2017, 08:49 dans Humeurs 0

Nei Maer right corner pass, Tiago - Silva's header Gongmen top bias. The first 78 minutes, the right side of the bottom line at the foot of the ball from the bottom of the Libyan special forced to pass after the pass Steve Donatell Jersey, Toran grab point outflank attack hit the lower right corner, Marseille 2 to 1 lead again Paris Saint Germain. 86 minutes, Nei Maer retaliatory because of retreat Ocampus, the results of two yellow card was sent off. Paris field only 10 people fight. The first 93 minutes, the Cavani restricted frontier fired direct free kick, the ball hit the beam under the bounce into the net, Paris Saint-Germain 2 to 2 draw with Marseille. Azar, Mora Tata and Pedro three knives, Marcos Alonso and Azizi Kita two wings fly together Chris Carson Jersey, Bakayoko and Fabregas sits midfield Tre Madden Jersey. Waterford, Richard Lisson, Dini and Pereira before the sudden. The first 12 minutes, the right side of the front of the ball into the restricted area, Pedro homeopathic right foot long shot, the ball hit the inside of the column into the door Cliff Avril Jersey, the goalkeeper did not make any reaction, 1-0! Chelsea made a dream start. The first half of the last time, Holevas vigorously out of the ball into the restricted area, Louis header rescue was blocked, Du Kulei restricted area within the right foot volley break, 1-1! The first 49 minutes, Bakayoko mistakes, Waterford launched a counterattack, Richard Leesen restricted area on the left cross, Pereira face attack Kur Tuwa right foot low shot break, 1-2! Waterford overtake on the road.

Chelsea then dream of awake

Le 23 October 2017, 08:49 dans Humeurs 0

Chelsea then dream of awake in the home of a large-scale attack, the first 71 minutes, Pedro right-sided biography, the replacement of Morata played Bashuyai restricted area Qiangdou Shuaigou broken network, 2-2! 87 minutes, William front right pass, the first point of Bristol head rub a bit, Azizi Kuita header George Fant Jersey, Chelsea 3-2 go-ahead score! The first 95 minutes Russell Wilson Jersey, Watford defender backcourt bike, Bakayoko leaping header steals, Bashuyue face Gomez close break, 4-2! The final Chelsea at home 4-2 reversal of Watford, get nearly four games first win. Premier League ninth round of the focus of the war, Arsenal away 5-2 reversal victory over Everton, made the league away win the first game this season. After the game, today's 68-year-old birthday Wenger accepted the media interview Jarran Reed Jersey, he praised the team's performance, in particular, praised the power of the construction of Ozil. Late Premier League a focus war started at Wembley Stadium. Tottenham sitting at home against the Champions League in the week of Liverpool. Carrying a victory over Keluo Pu under the command of the Red Army wanted to give opponents enough impact Chris Carson Jersey, but their wishful thinking soon after the opening was broken. Kane 4 minutes hard bridge hard horse harvest goals, soon soon rely on lightning quick counterattack hit the Red Army a surprise.

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